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Archive of a moderated discussion forum from 1996-2008.

Paul Genoni and Gaby Haddow respond to Guy Redden, From RAE to ERA: research evaluation at work in the corporate university (2008)

Beth Spencer responds to Fiona Giles, Milkbrain: Writing the Cognitive Body (2007)

Stephen Muecke has responded to Ken Gelder's review "Reading Muecke: Ancient and Modern: Time, Culture, and Indigenous Philosophy" (2005)

The Ethics of Research
Frances Peters Little responds to Mitchell Roll's essay, Why I Don't Want to be an 'Ethical' Researcher. (2003)

The Exodus of Humanities Academics from Australian Universities
Kerryn Goldsworthy, Adi Wimmer, Philip Neilsen and Nicholas Birns respond to Gillian Whitlock's essay Leaving "ME". (2002)

Public Intellectuals in Australia
McKenzie Wark has responded to David Carter's essay Public Intellectuals, Book Culture and Civil Society (2001); and

Ned Curthoys has responded to Ivor Indyk's essay: The Critic and the Public Culture: for example, Walter Benjamin (2000).

The Stolen Generation
Professor Lowitja O'Donoghue responds to the Murdoch press coverage of her interview with journalist Andrew Bolt (2001).

The Male Pair
Monique Rooney has responded to Jennifer Livett's essay: Odd Couples and Double Acts, or Strange but Not Always Queer: some male pairs and the modern/postmodern subject (2001).

Paul Gillen has responded to Tom Griffiths's essay: Travelling in Deep Time:La Longue Duréein Australian History (2000)

Biography and Black Holes is Leith Morton's response to an essay by Cassandra Pybus: Dogs in the Graveyard (1999).

Breaking Taboos
Marcia Langton responds to Alexis Wright's essay, Breaking Taboos (1998).

Aboriginal Sovereignty
Therese-M. Caiter responds to Philip Batty's Saluting the dot-spangled banner: Aboriginal Culture, National Identity and the Australian Republic (1998).

Autobiography and Disinheritance
Moira McAuliffe responds to Brian Castro's Dangerous Dancing: Autobiography and Disinheritance (1998).

Reviews of Andrew Riemer's Sandstone Gothic
Lisbet de Castro Lopo and Jillian Dellit respond to Riemer's memoirs, which has been reviewed for AHR by both Stephen Knight and Melissa Hardie (1998).

Simon During's essay Teaching Culture (1997) has had responses from

The Body in History
Beth Spencer's article D-Cups, Groin-guards & Supermodels: Writing the body into history (1998) has had responses from

Needing His Signature
Kerryn Goldsworthy's article Needing His Signature (1998) has had responses from

Dean Kiley's article Un-Queer Anti-Theory (1998) has had responses from both

After Mabo
Responses to Henry Reynolds After Mabo What About Aboriginal Sovereignty? (1996) by:

Aboriginal Land Rights: Australia and the Mabo Judgment: a conference organised by the Sir Robert Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, London, 18-19 April 1996. Report by Tom Griffiths (1996).

Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR) updates (1996).

The Wik decision:
Peter Read and Tom Griffiths (1997) on the Wik decision.

The travelling Turn the Soil exhibition is a long-term national project exploring alternative stories about Australia with the aim of putting the Republican debate on more fertile ground. Both

have resulted from workshops run as part of this project.

Responses to Robert Dessaix's essay Russia: the End of an Affair (1997) by:

The Virtual Library and the Humanities
In The Virtual Library and the Humanities: a report (1997) Graeme Johanson, Don Schauder, and Edward Lim report on the impact of the WWW upon humanities scholars and researchers. The report is accompanied by a comprehensive list of related sites.



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