Issue 2, July 1996

Editor: Cassandra Pybus
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What’s New

Cheryl Saunders reviews Henry Reynold’s Aboriginal Sovereignty

From the editor:

In this second issue Dennis Altman considers the globalization of homosexuality and provides a critique of ‘queer theory’. Aboriginal activist Marcia Langton writes about government disrespect for sacred ‘women’s business’, while Kerryn Goldsworthy looks at the Jane Austen mania.

As well, playwright David Williamson is the target of Meaghan Morris and Paul McGillick, academic history takes some stick form Greg Dening and Stephen Muecke, Helen Daniel attempts to define the public intellectual and Graham Seal explores the cultural tradition of the outlaw hero.


Target Article

Dennis Altman “On Global Queering”

In Extract

Chris Berry “Queer Film in East Asia”

Kerryn Goldsworthy “Austen and Authenticity”

Meaghan Morris “The truth is out there…”

Paul McGillick “Heresy”

Marcia Langton “How Aboriginal Religion Has Become an Administrable Subject”

Helen Daniel “Mavericks and Chameleons;

Greg Dening “History’s Theatre”

Stephen Muecke “Experimental History?”

Graham Seal “The Outlaw Hero”

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