Issue 5, March 1997

Editor: Cassandra Pybus
© all rights reserved

Target Article

Joanne Finkelstein Chic Theory considers the sociological nuances of our enslavement to fashion.

Lucy Frost Fear of Passing takes a controversial position on the revelations about the racial background of writer Mudrooroo.

In extract

Chris Healy In the Beginning was Captain Cook throws new light on history, social memory and colonisation with consideration of histories of James Cook.

Simon Petch The Untold Stories of the Law examines Norman Mailer’s use of fictive methods to interrogate the unacknowledged fictions of the law in The Executioner’s Song.

Peter Pierce White Warfare reviews two books on Antarctica.

Noel Pearson The Concept of Native Title at Common Law contends that the way judges have been prosecuting the law on native title is based on a flawed concept.

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