Issue 6 June 1997

Editor: Cassandra Pybus
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Target Article

Robert Dessaix Russia: The End of an Affair considers why the study of Russian has lost its erotic charge in a post perestroika world.


Ken Gelder and Jane Jacobs Promiscuous Sacred Sites provides a fresh analysis of the drama surrounding claims of Aboriginal sacred sites on Hindmarsh Island.

Tara Brabazon Making it Big: Bitch Politics and Writing in Public argues the intensely public existence of that woman, Julie Burchill, provides some lessons and some challenges for Cultural Studies in the stylish semiosphere.

Tim Bonyhady The Cross of Erosion takes a look at the link between art and environment in a controversial painting by Russell Drysdale.

Meaghan Morris Sticks & Stones & Stereotypes. Cultural theorist Meaghan Morris discusses political correctness and language codes.

Suzanne Kiernan Animadversions: On the “Cultural Olympics explores the origins of cultural olympics, contrasting their impetus with that of Sydney’s proposed Olympic Arts Festival.

In emuse

Peter Read and Tom Griffiths respond to the Wik decision

Responses to Robert Dessaix’s essay Russia: the end of an affair by:

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