Issue 7 August 1997

Editor: Cassandra Pybus

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Target Article

Simon During Teaching Culture explains why the heyday of English literature as an academic discipline is over and why it is losing ground to cultural studies.

Don Anderson Teachers, Intellectuals, Politics provides a critical response in defense of the study of literature.


In Ecology and Empire: Towards an Australian history of the world Tom Griffiths argues that ‘ecology’ and ’empire’ “forged an historical partnership of great power” — one which has radically changed human and natural history across the globe.

In Emma in Los Angeles: Clueless as a remake of the book and the city Lesley Stern assembles a pastiche of Austen’s writing, Heckerling’s movie and Los Angeles to argue that Clueless as a postmodern filmic remake “is alert to and permeated by the myriad inluences which shape the very experience and notion of contemporaneity”.

Stephen Knight Crime Writing Australia argues that changes in Australian attitudes are realised in generic changes in crime fiction, that “largest, and most little known, of national genres”.

Joy Damousi Disrupting the Boundaries: Resistance and Convict Women takes an innovative look at convict women in this excerpt from her new book on sexuality and gender in the penal colonies.

Christine Crowle ‘Deviant Desire’: Gender Politics and the Cultural Metamorphosis of George/Christine Jorgenson considers the the first highly publicised sex change in 1952-53 as a response to homophobic homosexuality.

In My Transsexual Father Stephen Gunther writes about his responses to learning that his father, “a staunch fundamentalist Christian, patriarchal 65 year old”, was in fact a transsexual.

Ian Buchanan Deleuze and Pop Music uses Deleuze’s work to analyze a phenomena of popular culture which Deleuze himself would have scorned as the undesirable other.

In emuse

In The Virtual Library and the Humanities: a report Graeme Johanson, Don Schauder, and Edward Lim report on the impact of the WWW upon humanities scholars and researchers. The report is accompanied by a comprehensive list of related sites.

Both John Frow and Paul Salzman respond to Simon During’s essay Teaching Culture

Charles J. Stivale and Andrew Murphie respond to Ian Buchanan on Deleuze and Pop Music

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