Issue 14 July 1999

Editor: Elizabeth McMahon
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Target Article

Sue Stanton’s Time for Truth: Speaking the Unspeakable – Genocide and Apartheid in the ‘Lucky’ Country is a combined article/review of The Stolen Children: Their Stories,edited by Carmel Bird.


In Cracking Up, Hannah Fink writes on the photographic art of Destiny Deacon, Brenda L Croft, Michael Riley, Leah King-Smith and Brook Andrew whose works are currently being exhibited in the 1999 Venice Biennale.


Steven Maras discusses Jacques Derrida’s recent appearance at the Sydney Town Hall as an event which raised interesting questions about the relationship between ideas, technology, and performance.

A transcript of John Docker’s launch of The Devil and James McAuleyby Cassandra Pybus.

In emuse

Breaking Taboos

Marcia Langton responds to Alexis Wright’s essay, Breaking Taboos

Reviews of Andrew Riemer’s Sandstone Gothic

Lisbet de Castro Lopo and Jillian Dellit respond to Riemer’s memoirs, which has been reviewed for AHR by both Stephen Knight and Melissa Hardie.

Aboriginal Sovereignty

Therese-M. Caiter responds to Philip Batty’s Saluting the dot-spangled banner: Aboriginal Culture, National Identity and the Australian Republic

Simon During’s essay Teaching Culture has had responses from

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