Issue 24, December 2001

Editor: Elizabeth McMahon

Target Essays

In Biography and Compassionate Truth: Writing a Life of Janet Frame Michael King discusses his reluctant biographee.

Occasional Address

Intertwining Histories: Heritage and Diversity: in her address to the History Council of New South Wales, Ien Ang offers an analytical model for the analysis of Australian heritage based on the intertwining of diverse and divergent histories.


In Public Intellectuals, Book Culture and Civil Society David Carter considers the recent preoccupation with the figure of the public intellectual in Australia and the rise of the ‘middle-brow’ readership;

and in Contagious Feelings: Pauline Hanson and the Epidemiology of Affect Anna Gibbs examines how contagious distress operates in the career of Pauline Hanson.

Reviews and Responses

McKenzie Wark responds to David Carter’s essay Public Intellectuals, Book Culture and Civil Society;

Phillip Kent reviews Impossible Presence, surface and screen in the photogenic era, edited by Terry Smith;

Judith Berman’s Holocaust Remembrance in Australian Jewish Communities, 1945-2000 is reviewed by Freda Freiberg;

and Sara Knox reviews Joy Damousi’s study of Australian women, war and grief: Living with the aftermath.

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