Issue 25 March 2002

Editor: Elizabeth McMahon

© all rights reserved

Target Essay

In Aboriginal life writing and globalisation: Doris Pilkington’s Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence Anne Brewster traces the various ways Aboriginal life writing recasts other Australian fiction, specifically Katharine Susannah Prichard’s Coonardoo and offers an alternative account of Reconciliation.


Georgine Clarsen takes another look at the ABC TV’s Bush Mechanics to ponder the ‘maverick acts of resuscitation performed on clapped-out bush bombs by men from Yuendumu’ in Still Moving: Bush Mechanics in the Central Desert.

Reviews and Responses

In “Fantasy Families and Australian Goodness” Robert Aldrich reviews Gauche Intruder: Freud, Lacan and the White Australian Fantasy by Jennifer Rutherford, and From Diggers to Drag Queens: Configurations of Australian National Identity, by Fiona Nicoll;

Tom Burvill reviews Culture in Australia – Policies, Publics, and Programs, edited by Tony Bennett and David Carter;

and Ros Kidd reviews Christine Choo’s, Mission Girls: Aboriginal Women on Catholic Missions in the Kimberley, Western Australia, 1900-1950, and Fiona Paisley’s Loving Protection?: Australian Feminism and Aboriginal Women’s Rights, 1919-1939.

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