Issue 34, January 2005

Editor: Elizabeth McMahon


Ian Henderson considers “The Ethics Of Fellowship in Two Antipodean War Films: Gallipoli (1981) And The Lord Of The Rings (2001-2003)” and discovers unexpected connections in the representation of masculine relationships.


Anette Bremer reviews The Cruise Of The Janet Nichol Among The South Sea Islands: A Diary by Mrs Robert Louis Stevenson edited by Roslyn Jolly.

In “The Riddle Of The Index: Subverting The Empire And Exploration” Simon Ryan reviews Subverting The Empire: Explorers And Exploration In Australian Fiction by Paul Genoni.

Paul Sheehan reviews Psychoanalysis, Psychiatry And Modernist Literature by Kylie Valentine.

In “Beyond Glitter To Grief” Catherine Simpson reviews Australian Cinema After Mabo By Felicity Collins And Therese Davis.

Split Lives: Croatian-Australian Stories, edited by Val Colic-Peisker, is reviewed by Christine Choo.

Ecological Humanities

An Introduction from Deborah Rose and Libby Robin

A preview of Rod Giblett‘s new book Living With The Earth: Mastery To Mutuality.

In her essay “On ‘Not Eating The Limb Of A Living Animal’: Rethinking Our Relations With (Other) Animals” Kate Rigby look at the ways many contemporary “theologians and biblical scholars have been challenged to rethink their religious traditions along ecophilosophical lines”.

Nicholas Gill and Kay Anderson consider some of the myths and practices of Australian pastoral settlement in their essay “Improvement In The Inland: Culture And Nature In The Australian Rangelands”.

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