Issue 9, February 1998

Editor: Cassandra Pybus
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This issue is in memory of John Forbes.
Philip Mead remembers both the poet and his writing.

Link also to the April 1998 edition of Jacket which is also dedicated to John Forbes.


Target Article

In A Politics of Stolen Time John Frow considers “Bringing Them Home” the Report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families,in the light of the work of Michel de Certeau. [6500 words]

Also on the issue of the Stolen Generation …

Read Carmel Bird’s introduction to a new collection of stories surrounding the Report and Henry Reynolds’s afterword to the work entitled The Stolen Children: Their Stories.



“There is no such thing as free speech” says Stanley Fish in interview with Annemarie Jonson and Peter Lowe.

Damien Broderick’s Reader! Reader! takes some well aimed shots at Foucault and more especially at those who apply his methods to textual analysis, such as the Australian theorist Dugald Williamson.

In Un-Queer Anti-Theory Dean Kiley argues that we should not allow “OzLitCriture’s failings with queer writers and writing to degenerate into little more than a Lindy Chamberlain joke”.

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