Issue 10 May 1998

Editor: Elizabeth McMahon

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Target Article

In Traces of ’65: sites and memories of the post-coup killings in Bali Denis Byrne reflects on the absence of physical traces of the 1965 killings and looks to the role of memory in¬†commemoration.


Julie Stephens looks at “Cultural outlaws, political organizers” in an excerpt from her new book anti-DISCIPLINARY protest: sixties radicalism and postmodernism.

Beth Spencer’s D-Cups, Groin-guards & Supermodels: Writing the body into history visits recent publications on the subjects, past masters, various theorists and her own imagination to weave together a fascinating essay.

Ian McLean’s Aboriginalism: White Aborigines and Australian Nationalism explores traces identity politics through Australian Art, particularly looking at the various ways in which white Australian artists and essayists have appropriated Aboriginal space.

Kerryn Goldsworthy on sexual harassment and institutional life in the wake of the Ormond College affair.

David Carter reviews McKenzie Wark’s The Virtual Republic: Australia’s Culture Wars of the 1990s.

Ian Buchanan’s Misrecognition in Titanic discusses the various ways in which ‘Titanic’ deflects both feminist and Marxist inquiry.

In emuse

The Body in History
Beth Spencer’s article D-Cups, Groin-guards & Supermodels: Writing the body into history has had responses from

Needing His Signature
Moira McAuliffe, David Hart and Adi Wimmer respond to Kerryn Goldsworthy’s article Needing His Signature.

Kevin Murray discusses a touring exhibition, “Turn the Soil” which contributes to the debate surrounding Henry Reynolds’s “After Mabo,What About Aboriginal Sovereignty?”.

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